Pentwater Lake Association (PLA) vs. Pentwater Lake Improvement Board (PIB)

The Pentwater Lake Association is a non-profit membership organization, started in 1995. It operates strictly through volunteers, including the Board of Directors, which is elected at the annual meeting. The PLA is dedicated to preserving the environment, maintaining the health and welfare of the lake, and developing a greater sense of community. A membership fee and fund-raising activities cover the cost of its activities. Some of the activities of the PLA include: regular testing of lake water to determine the condition of the lake, helping fund an annual shoreline clean-up, periodic informational meetings and social activities, and a quarterly newsletter for members.

The Pentwater Lake Improvement Board was formed in 1999 by the Pentwater Township Board in response to concerns about the condition of Pentwater Lake. The Lake Board is organized and operates under the provisions of the Michigan Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act. The Lake Board adopted a Pentwater Lake Management Plan, created a special assessment district and assessed the property owners located in the district for the cost of the plan. The composition of the Lake Board is stipulated by the legislation. It includes representatives of Pentwater Township, the Village of Pentwater, the Drain Commissioner, our County Commissioner, the Michigan DEQ and a riparian property owner - six members. The Management Plan, which is being implemented over a 3-year period, includes: nuisance plant control watershed management water quality monitoring information and education