Pentwater Lake Youth Fishing Tournament

                   June 15 to August 11, 2019     

                   Sponsored by the Pentwater Lake Association

All youth 16 years old and younger are eligible to participate without registering.  All state fishing rules and regulations are to be followed.

 To enter the tourney:

·      send a text photo of the fish on a ruler or measuring tape.

·       Measure the fish from the tip of the nose (or lower jaw) to tip of the tail in a straight line.  Do not measure in a curve around the body from nose to tail. 

·      Measure each fish to the closest 1/8 inch.  Tail and jaw should be pinched together.

·       Use wet hands to handle fish to be released right away. 

·      Catch, measure, and release is encouraged. 

·       In case of a tie, the earliest registered fish receives the trophy.  Indicate the name and age of the person who caught the fish and a contact person and number to confirm the entry.

·       Longest fish for each species will be listed on line at 

·      The fish must be caught in Pentwater Lake within the boundaries from the Long Bridge to the western end of the channel pier.

·       The tourney ends on August 11 and by August 15th the winners will be confirmed on the PLA website. The winners can pick up their trophies by contacting Joe Primizoch at 231-742-6339.

·      The list of fish species is as follows and found on page 36 of the fishing guide:

- Yellow Perch,                                      -Sheepshead(Freshwater Drum) -White Bass

-Rock Bass                                              -Walleye

-Small Mouth Bass                                -Gar Pike

-Large Mouth Bass                                - Carp

-Crappie                                                  -Sucker

-Sunfish( Pumpkinseed)                       - Bullhead

-Bluegill                                                   -Catfish

-Northern Pike                                        -Dog Fish(Bowfin) 


     To enter your catch in the tournament, you need to text or email your picture to one of the following numbers and then call to confirm your entry.  The top fish in each of the 17 categories will be listed with the person who caught it. One trophy per person is allowed.  The last day to catch or call in is August 11.  Below are the following people and numbers to call to enter.

George Richey,, 231-301-3668


 Joe Primozich 231-742-6339, Dave Peterson 630-533-1009,   Mac McCaleb 847-878-4806,    Tom Walters 231-250-9817,    Andy Kruger 269-716-0305, or Rich Pugsley 586-255-2642.